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New England Championship Wrestling

2017 Summer Series 

July 15, 2017
Americal Civic Center
Wakefield, MA USA

Promoter: Sheldon Goldberg
General Manager: Paul Richard
Ring Announcer: Kevin Castro
Referees: Jack Hill, Eugene Scott

1. The Stacked Deck (Chris Cruise & Mike Montero) v. The Heavy Hitters (Frank Champion and Shay Cash). W – The Heavy Hitters

The Hitters had issued an open challenge that was answered by Montero & Cruise. It was an all Southern New England match. Montero and Cruise had the big men off-balance for most of the match but eventually the impact of Frank Champion’s size was the determining factor. Champion power slams Montero followed by a pin.

The Heavy Hitters. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Cruise and Cash. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Frank Finishes Things. Image: The Wrestling Professor

2. Television Championship Tournament 1: Richard Holliday (with Big Jym Anderson) v. Sensational Scott Levesque. – Double DQ

Beau Douglas took the mic pre-match and made the case for his displeasure at the tournament awarding the title that he never lost but was forced to vacate due to injury. He has been cleared to wrestle for a year yet the office has not given him a shot. Holliday and his goon came in and started shooting off their mouths about Holliday carrying the company and some alleged marketing scheme. They backed The Living Legend into a corner and showed him extreme disrespect.

Scott ambushed Holliday and Big Jym (who betrayed him while under his employ) with a chair. Referee Hill called a double disqualification and Mr. Castro announced that Levesque and Holliday were no longer eligible for the Television Title Tournament. Bummer.

The Living Legend Makes His Case. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Outrageous Disrespect. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Holliday & Levesque. Image: The Wrestling Professor

He Deserved It. Image: The Wrestling Professor

3. WWW Triple Threat: Isana v. Jawsolyn v. Amanda Fox.  W – Jawsolyn

This was the NECW debut of the amazing Amanda Fox. She was by far the most skilled wrestler in this contest. Ms. Fox generously aided Jawsolyn of Team Sea Stars in countering the aggressive Isana. In the end Isana pinned Jawsolyn with feet on the ropes unseen by the referee so it was completely fair.

Isana. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Amazing Amanda Fox. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Isana Punishes Fox. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Superplex. Image: The Wrestling Professor

4. Cortez Castro v. Slyck Wagner Brown. W – Brown

Cortez Castro is known to all of us from his work at Lucha Underground. The office brought in a talent worthy of Mr. Brown. This match went outside the ring early, as Mr. Castro Pearl Harbored SWB while he was being announced. Both men pummelled each other in the seats without mercy. After what was a wrestling clinic for the fans, Brown put Castro away with his trademark Moonsault off the top rope.

Cortez Castro. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Castro Punishes. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Brown Beats on Castro. Image: The Wrestling Professor

5. Kid Curry v. R.I.O.T. Kellan Thomas. W –  Curry

Former Champion Kellan Thomas returns to NECW after many years away to face a new kid on the rise. Curry showed some serious mat wrestling as well as aerial skills. He gave the veteran a hard time, though Thomas is as good as ever. Curry somehow survived a Thomas Pile Driver. He finished R.I.O.T. with a German Suplex and a backwards pin.

Thomas Goes High. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Mat Wrestling. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Curry Heads to Earth. Image: The Wrestling Professor

6. Heavyweight Championship: “Pure Talent” Chris Escobar v. Todo Loco. W – Todo Loco & Sensational Scott Levesque

There was a mysterious delay after the supposed start of this match. Beau Douglas took advantage of the vacuum and continued his speech about an office conspiracy to keep him out of title contention. The fans largely agreed with him, vocally supporting his assertion.  When Todo Loco finally entered the ring there was no Escobar. Mr. Castro took a call from The Champion who said that Todo Loco was not worthy of a title shot and that Escobar was not even in the building (Todo Loco was never defeated for the title – he had to surrender it due to injury). Mr. Richard went into the ring and announced that Escobar was stripped of his title for non-defense. He attempted to present Todo Loco with the belt but the warrior refused, asking for an opponent.

Todo Loco. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Title Offered and Declined. Image: The Wrestling Professor

We Want In. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Test of Strength. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Levesque Neutralizes The Kid. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Submission. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Holliday and Anderson entered and tried to capitalize but they were not expecting Scott Levesque to appear. An impromptu tag team match ensued. Levesque was a real factor, not shying away from a test of strength against Big Jym, and using a chair to incapacitate Holliday. Todo Loco got Big Jym to submit to a nasty choke hold.

7.Television Championship Tournament 2: “The Funny Man” Devin Blaze v. Kris Pyro. W – Pyro – New Television Champion

Devin Blaze and Kris Pyro are members of two formidable tag teams, The Minutemen, and Da Hoodz respectively. They are also intense singles competitors. Blaze came very close to winning this title. He and Pyro were well-matched. Blaze held the edge throughout but it was Pyro who prevailed, diving off the top rope to pin The Funny Man.

Devastating Crab. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Blaze & Pyro. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Funny Man. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Not So Funny. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Champion. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Next Show:

Saturday August 12 – NECW Tag Team Classic
Americal Civic Center
Wakefield, MA
7:00 p.m.