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Showcase Pro Wrestling
November 3, 2017
Showcase Pro Wrestling Training Center & Arena
Woonsocket, RI USA

Ring Announcer: Jared, Sgt. Muldoon
Referees: Rob Roberts, Alicia Muldoon, Anthony Warren
Promoter: Chris Blackheart
Commissioner: Mr. Frank Rocha

Another great night in the center of the New England Wrestling Universe.  Good to see Rob Roberts bringing experience to the referee squad.

(Videos will be available Monday 6 November after 10:00 p.m. EST on our YouTube Channel)

Sergeant Muldoon. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 1. Alec Price v. Ty Shyne. W – Shyne

Punk Beau Douglas Student Price got into it with a ringside critic. It didn’t quite go his way. Despite that, the kid gave Shyne a lot of trouble through most of the match until Shyne applied a devastating neckbreaker to end things.

Alec Price. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Price Dominates. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Ty Shyne. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 2. Big Dog Butler v. Abruzzi. W – Butler

Who seriously enjoys wrestling Big Dog Butler? Answer: No one who values his health. Butler destroys Abruzzi with an unrecoverable frog splash.

Big Dog Butler. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Another Day, Another Victim. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Abruzzi. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 3. Sons of Liberty Championship Match: Diabolical Scott Ledeur (C) with Annabelle v. S.O.G. Ronnie Ribs. W – Ledeur

The office is taking this new title seriously by providing top-level challengers. Ribs and Ledeur are well matched in size, strength, and skill. Despite Ribs military pressing Ledeur and dropping him on his face, Scott managed a modified neckbreaker which stunned The S.O.G. long enough for a pin.

S.O.G. Wants This Title. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Ribs & Ledeur. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Neck Breaker. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 4. Buck Nasty v. Carlos Esteban. W – Esteban

Carlos took his obligatory beating like a man. Nasty dominated most of the match until Carlos showed us some of the new skills he’s acquired at the SPW school. He rolled up the big man for a pin. Nasty exploded as Carlos was declared the winner and beat the young man down until Mr. Don Vega entered the ring and the intimidated Nasty ran out into the crowd. Mr. Vega offered to help mentor the young man from Portland, an offer that Carlos wisely accepted. There’s no telling how far the kid can go with one of the top wrestlers in the Northeast by his side.

Obligatory Beating. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Carlos Wouldn’t Give In. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Mr. Don Vega. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Lockdown: Ruby Bastaine

Ruby came out and shot his mouth off about Gary Gold and every one of the veterans over 40. He’s a punk and will likely get destroyed by Gary next month but in the meantime he’s a good antagoniste for all. He B slapped ring announcer Jared and ran away unscathed.

The Most Annoying Man in SPW Talks Smack. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 5: 8 Man Survivor Match: Mack Attack (Monster Mack & Trainee #1) & The Stacked Deck (Mike Montero & Chris Cruise) v. Krueger & Dylan & Team Number One (Superstar Shawn Candido & Richie Rich). W – The Stacked Deck

For some odd reason Team Number One were eliminated early. Krueger and Dylan were left to their own devices. (This might have been intentional). Krueger managed to remove Mack Attack by himself as Dylan deliberately abandoned him. Montero and Cruise double teamed Krueger and were declared victors. This sets up a revenge scenario for Krueger. Dylan should avoid Woonsocket for a few months.

Trainee #1 Gets Rid of Candido. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Abandoned. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Mack Attack & Montero. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Monster Mack & Krueger. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Match 6. SPW Heavyweight Championship: Chris Matrix (C) v. The Bitter Man Buddy Romano. W – Matrix

Another title taken seriously. We were not aware that Mr. Romano was a ranked contender but he is worthy of a shot. Matrix escapes a piledriver attempt and a sunset flip to pin The Bitter Man definitively.

Worthy Opponents. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Bitter Man. Image: The Wrestling Professor

The Champion. Image: The Wrestling Professor

Next Show:

Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017
Bell Time: 7:07pm
Doors: 6:30pm
Tickets: $12 @ the door
Taunton VFW
Taunton, MA USA