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Welcome to The Professor’s New England Independent Wrestling Blog.


The Professor is a mystery. He’s not a wrestler or a referee. He’s not a booker or a manager.

The Professor is a wrestling commentator and analyst. He’s not necessarily objective but tries hard to be fair. Don’t call the Professor a “smart mark” unless you want a figure 4. He brings an outsider’s perspective as a student of the wrestling business. Independent Professional Wrestling deserves respect and The Professor is determined to help advance the sport and its great athletes and promotions.

The Professor is anti-corporate wrestling. He can’t stand The Walmart of Wrestling.  In fact, he holds Walmart’s Attitude Era and continued bad taste as responsible for his 20+ years away from the sport. A night in Mexico City brought The Professor back into the scene. Thank you Mexico, Blank You Mr. Walmart.

This blog is The Professor’s only outlet besides his YouTube channel. He pays (modestly) for it out-of-pocket, and makes nothing from doing this.

Don’t look for us on Twitter or Fecesbook. Mark Zuckerberg is an active censor of free speech and works hand-in-glove with dictators and corrupt regimes to root out political dissidents. Jack Dorsey actively censors political speech. As hard as it is to avoid, we refuse to join Fakebook. Twitter is just as bad. We will never put ourselves in the ghettos of Twitter or Facebook ever.

We continue to post wrestling match videos to YouTube but are unsure how long this will last. YouTube and it’s fascist parent Google are actively censoring material. How long before their algorithms determine that The Professor is a politically unacceptable person?

The Professor is a long-term Lecturer at a major university, business owner, and world traveler to over 35 countries. The Professor is an Indy Fan who has seen matches from Montreal to Mexico City. He’s deep into the New England Pro Wrestling Scene.

The Professor’s identity is a secret. Only The Co-Conspirator and his loyal retainer know his real name.

On balance, off balance, it doesn’t matter.  The Professor has arrived.

The Co-Conspirator

Image: Flickr

An accomplished Writer, Thespian, College Student, and Observer of the Independent Wrestling Scene.  Co-Conspirator brings the fresh perspective of a younger fan. She attends shows all over New England.

The Professor runs this blog for the love of the sport and his intent in using images is to help the athletes get over and to promote the independent companies that provide so much fun for all of us. Attribution is provided for all images used on this site.  If you are the owner of an image and wish to have it removed please contact the Professor. The Professor has actual or implied press credentials – live events are covered as news. All content is covered by the Fair Use Doctrine.

All verbiage and images marked as “Image: The Professor”, “©https://wrestlingprofessor.wordpress.com”, or “Image © The Professor” are the copyright of The Professor.  All Rights Reserved.

You may reblog or repost content from this site as long as attribution is provided. The Professor has observed lately that people are taking images from this site without attribution.  The Professor credits others for their intellectual property and expects credit for his work as well.

Check out The Professor’s YouTube Channel.  Lots of video from Showcase Pro Wrestling live matches, and plenty of other interesting stuff from the world of Independent Pro Wrestling:


The Professor and The Co-Conspirator care deeply about animal welfare and are part of an active foster family for shelter dogs. If you are thinking about getting a dog or cat please consider a rescue pet. We work with The Baypath Humane Society in Hopkinton, MA where there are always wonderful dogs and cats looking for their forever homes.

Princess - a Four-Year-Old Cockapoo who stayed with us for a while. She's been adopted and is living happily on Cape Cod.

Princess – a Four-Year-Old Cockapoo who stayed with us for a while. She’s been adopted and is living happily on Cape Cod. Image: The Professor

Parental Note: The Wrestling Professor pages will always be family-friendly. You can feel free to allow your kids to go to our blog and YouTube channel. No worries ever. If for some unlikely reason you find something that you feel shouldn’t be consumed by minors, please email us immediately. Wrestling is for everyone.

4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Elwood Ireland said:

    Hi.. Professor..Hope to be in Woonsocket April 5 at 707PM…Keep up the good interests you have… Wrestling… Eli

  2. Thanks Elwood. See you on the 5th. Looking forward to a great night at the SPW Arena.

  3. Very upset to not see you tonight in Attleboro. Was a good show. Hope to see you in Taunton next Saturday.

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