House of Bricks

H.O.B. is a Southern New England Promotion owned by The Great Brickhouse Baker.  Very impressive. 


Fri 7:00 PM EDT · 408 guests
Fri 7:00 PM EDT · 252 guests
Fairhaven, MA
Sat 7:00 PM EDT · 55 guests
New Bedford, MA
Fri 7:00 PM EDT · 46 guests
New Bedford, MA
Fri 7:00 PM EDT · 62 guests
Sat 7:00 PM EDT · 44 guests
New Bedford, MA






2 thoughts on “House of Bricks”

  1. When will you be covering HoB again?

    • I hope to but my schedule is such that it is difficult to get to all the great promotions in this area. At last count there were more than 20 active companies. Even The Professor can’t be everywhere.

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