Southern States


The Professor understands that TN is not part of NE.  Southern States Wrestling has operated in East Tennessee for 23 years in a multi-state area known as “The Mountain Empire”.  The Promoter is one “Handsome Beau James”.  Along with his wrestler wife Misty, Mr. James promotes his own shows, events for TNA, wrestles for others all over the South, and produces a weekly TV program.  This is old school, Southern Indy wrestling.  The Professor watches regularly on YouTube.

Mr. James recently had his back broken by a brutal local “Rassler” (The Professor, being a world traveller and admirer of many cultures loves how they pronounce it down there) named Frank Parker in a savage baseball bat attack in the ring.  All of us up here in New England wish him a speedy recovery and swift revenge.

Sensei Beau James’ advice to young wrestlers:

“Don’t stop.  If you’ve got your opponent down, feel free to kick him.  Blow snot on him.  Slap him upside his head.  You make a name for yourself.”  Priceless.

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