NE Indy Wrestler Rankings

January 2017

How does one Wrestling Professor attempt to rate the entire constellation of New England wrestlers? There are at least 15 active regional promotions (not including TNA, ROH, WWE, and Chikara) doing business here. In the course of a year we can only be in so many places and see so many workers. Consider this an imperfect attempt to name guys who are amazing performers and deserve recognition.


  1. Sensational Scott Levesque
  2. Todo Loco
  3. Eddie Edwards
  4. Jonathan Gresham
  5. Hanson
  6. Dijack
  7. Anthony Stone
  8. G.A. West
  9. Vinnie Marseglia
  10. JT Dunn
  11. Frankie Vain
  12. Slyck Wagner Brown
  13. Brad Hollister
  14. Sean Burke
  15. Tommaso Ciampa
  16. Superstar Shawn Candido
  17. Tim Lennox
  18. Dan Terry
  19. Jack Krueger
  20. Teddy Goodz
  21. Devil’s Reject Brandon Webb
  22. Jason Blade
  23. Craig Costa
  24. Chris Matrix
  25. Mike Paiva
  26. Mark Shurman
  27. Rob Araujo 
  28. JT Dunn
  29. AR Fox
  30. Chase Del Monte


  1. Sonya Strong
  2. Lufisto
  3. Alexxis Nevaeh
  4. Mistress Belmont
  5. Deonna Purrazzo
  6. Jordynne Grace
  7. Davienne
  8. Vanity Vixsen
  9. Natalia
  10. Foxy

Tag Teams:

  1. Da Hoodz
  2. The Fellowship
  3. Da Hit Squad
  4. The Middlesex Express
  5. Team Number One
  6. The Regulators
  7. Cross Fit
  8. The High Class Cartel
  9. The Heavy Hitters
  10. The Logan Brothers
  11. Kool People

4 thoughts on “NE Indy Wrestler Rankings”

  1. Mike Nice works under a mask as “The 6th Borough” MPG in Chaotic, still takes the occasional booking as Mike Nice elsewhere but not as often. I don’t see his name pop up too frequently anymore.

  2. Adrianna is finished with the wrestling business to my knowledge (On a side note, there are a few crazy Adrianna stories in Sean Gorman’s book. It’s a must read, read it twice.). Barbie just gave birth a few days ago actually, to her first child with boyfriend Scott Reed. Hendrix is someone I would really like to see more of. Before she left for Louisville to train at OVW, I couldn’t help but notice her improvement, and since that time she has improved even more, gaining lots of experience.

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